Schedule of Events

All recorded content will be available until October 12, 2021.

Getting Our Bodies Back: A Homecoming with Nicolette de Saint-Amour


 Join Nicolette, a somatic educator, and trainee of the Feldenkrais Method, for a class of subtle movement focusing on awareness and somatic exploration of anatomy as a self-identity. Through the modality of gentle and easy movement, Nicolette will guide participants in interpreting their rich inner worlds and deep intuition-based, informed knowing.

Dive Into Your Light with Soreya James


Access your inner light through breath, sound, and movement. Find your way home via the art of your own inner sanctuary guiding you into a deep surrender. Deepen and discover what lies inside, awakening the core of who you are and falling into Oneness and Love. Rest here. Rest here in the stillness of your being. Here you are home.

Embodying Sacred Sound Through Celestial Communication with Adarsh Kaur

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Sacred sound is soothing to body, mind, and soul. When practiced with deep listening and sensing, as well as repetition, it can be profoundly healing. In Celestial Communication, arm and hand movements are added as an expression of the sacred sound; they are an embodiment of the sound.  Join Adarsh for an introduction to and experience of this practice. Allow it to deepen your experience and relationship to mantra and sacred sound. Adarsh will also share how this can be incorporated into both your personal and teaching practice.