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The term somatics is derived from the Latin word soma, meaning "the living body." Somatics is an approach that accesses the full intelligence of our body. In order to truly experience our lives, we need to learn to be fully present in our bodies - to be embodied. Yet too often, the impact of stress or unresolved traumas leads to a distracted mind or discomfort in our own skin. From this place of disconnect, attention and awareness become two of our most powerful allies. With them we can bring ourselves back to where life is happening: right here. Right now. In our bodies. In this moment. 


Join us for an empowering range of practices that facilitate self-awareness, self-confidence, empathy, enhanced intuition, and emotional regulation. These include Kundalini Yoga, sound, movement, breath, mantra, and meditation. 


We offered this event for free to serve the needs of our community but welcome your donations in support of our work - we suggest a donation of $50 for this Somatic Movement eSummit offering.

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